The Beast theme is live!

Beast theme

Please let me know if you think I can make any improvements or additions.

Beast brings TT up to a total of 19 themes. At about 20 traits (more or less) per theme, that's roughly 380 character options. Not bad!

I think Beast may be TT's last fantasy theme for a while. I may explore other themes post-Kickstarter (strech goals, possibly?), but I'm not sure what they'd be. I think I've covered just about every fantasy trope imaginable. Am I missing any?

If the KS goes well, I may develop sci-fi themes.

My to do list is now as follows:

  • Create 10 monsters per theme

  • Create 10 magic items per theme

  • Simplify weapon rules

  • Create a video play session, ideally with professionals

  • Make the site mobile-friendly

  • See if it's possible to make these more elegant/intuitive/engaging:

  • Initiative

  • Roll result table

  • Losing life and dying

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