June Update + Convert to PDF?

Here's the June gameplan:

  1. Publish Beast

  2. Create 10 magic items for each theme

  3. Create 10 monsters for each theme

Not sure if I can finish 2 and 3 by the end of the month. There are a couple of other random things I'm working on, so I might get sidetracked like I always do.

Conver to PDF?

TT has always been HTML-based because I was familiar with it when I started, and live updates were very appealing to my community-driven design process. I'm thinking about removing the content from the site and putting it all onto a free downloadable PDF. Why?

  • A bookmarked PDF will be better organized, formatted, and presentable than the website.

  • I need to figure out my target price for the KS. To do that, I need to know how much art I need. To do that, I need to have a rough draft of the book.

  • Just to be clear, the site would still exist, but rather than presenting all of the rules it would simply give some basic info and provide a download link to the newest PDF.

Going from HTML-based rules to PDF-based rules might rub some of you the wrong way, but it might be time to make the switch.


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