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What is Tavern Tales?

Tavern Tales is a fantasy-themed roleplaying game with the following features:

Endless character creation options and flexibility
Tavern Tales' incredible flexible character creation system allows you to build the character you always wished you could play, without jumping through any hoops. If you can imagine it, you can play it. 
not mathematics
Outside of the dice rolling mechanic, Tavern Tales uses virtually no numbers whatsover. The game focuses on cinematic, exciting effects. Your power comes from your ability to affect the story, rather than from numeric bonuses like "+1 damage."
Equal emphasis on combat,
exploration, and interaction
There's so much more to RPGs than combat. Tavern Tales gives you access to a wide variety of combat, exploration, and interaction options. You can effortlessly build a well-rounded character. 
Tavern Tales has a passionate fanbase that worked together to make Tavern Tales as good as it could possibly be. The resulting product is a versatile, flexible, and diverse game that appeals to RPG fans everywhere. 
Narrative, story-based gameplay
The core mechanic in Tavern Tales is called a "Tale," which highlights the game's emphasis on storytelling. The rules are conveniently out of the way until you need them. The system helps you play how you want, rather than telling you what to do. 
customizable rules
Tavern Tales empowers you to play the game however you want, providing a wide array of optional rules and flexibility. The GM entries give you the inspiration to create a unique and compelling game world. 

Tavern Tales is currently in open beta.

You can download a text-only PDF of the rules here.

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